"Episode title" is an episode of Pickle and Peanut.


Tree Lighting - Pickle and Peanut are decorating Peanut's house for the holidays, they hear wonderful music coming from Scampy's hole in Peanut's room, they find out Scampy is practicing for a show with his two brothers Umbrella and Crab Meat and they're trying to prepare for New York City. Pickle and Peanut decide to drive them up to New York as it'll give them a chance to go to Illinois and experience snow for the first time. Peanut has difficulty keeping Scampy's brothers under control in public places as they only know how to act like sewer people. In Illinois, Peanut stops by a rest stop and leaves Scampy's brothers in the van, the brothers decide to hunt down a giant American marmot in front of the rest stop and it falls and destroys the van. American actress Melissa Joan Hart notices the guy's problem and offers to help them by giving them a ride on her cross country zip line to New York, the brothers insult Melisa and she goes off without them and Peanut gets mad. Pickle informs them that a bus will be there in 5 minutes and Peanut tells them to wait and to behave. Once on the bus, Peanut notice the brothers didn't get on the bus and starts to look for them, he finds them trying to enter the sewer and he apologizes, while he's doing that, the bus takes off without them and Peanut takes the brothers to quickly find away to get on the bus and to New York City. At New York City, they're informed that Christmas was two weeks ago and Scampy tells them that it's ok because they're on time to make New York City the new capital of the sewer people.

Merry Mocap Musical

A CGI episode in which Pickle and Peanut challenge Lazer to a dance battle.


Memorable Quotes

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  • The Song that Scamptasia sang is a parody of A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton


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