"Preschool Reunion / Bobsledders" is an episode of Pickle and Peanut.


Preschool Reunion - Pickle, Peanut, McSweats, Lazer, Sneaky Patty, and Spedacular Donkey attend their preschool reunion, they have fun doing the things they used to do when they were little. They all remember playing together outside during recess and playing on the new playground, Pickle doesn't remember the playground being so nice, then Peanut tells him the story of how they got the new playground in a flashback.

Bobsledders - After Lil' Pickle was diagnosed with terminal hiccups, the only cure is a $200 taco and with no money, Pickle and Peanut have to find a way to raise the money. Pickle and Peanut then joins Lazer's bobsledding team as there is a cash prize for the fastest bobsledder, and there's competition when a team of Rastafarian bobsledders sabotage Pickle and Peanut's chances at getting the cash prize.


Memorable Quotes

Preschool!Lazer: "Oh you guys we could wish for my mom to find someone nice, and then maybe I'd have a new dad again"

Preschool!Sneaky Patty: "No I like the playground equipment idea"


  • When Preschool!Sneaky Patty is running she's doing the infamous Naruto run


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