Background information
First episode ""7/11""
Latest episode ""Dickle kills Seanut""
Voice some crackhead we found behind 7/11
Inspiration slaves
Character information
Full name SeanutPeanut Withermore the 16
Other names bitch
Occupation slave
Affiliations a bug he found on the floor
Goal Be the best slave
Home Dickle's cellar
Relatives huh?
Pets he IS one
Allies Moe Bradberry
Minions he IS one
Enemies Dickle, God
Likes being
Dislikes being left out of Dickle's house
Powers and abilities stockholm syndrome
Weapons FAT ASS
Fate dead ;/
Quote "We should've worn more protective condoms!"
Signature OW

Seanut one of the main SLAVETAGgonists of the show.

Seanut is the slave of D+S. He is driven to suicide. Seanut’s downfall is that he often doesn’t see the big picture until it is whipping his ass. He’s got a strong sense of ass.


  1. He lived a good life (see clown selfie) until Dickle found him in a 7/11 bathroom and made him his BITCH!!!!!
  2. he is fucked up after only two days (see bottom pic)