"Mobile Aquarium / Shaving Private Ryan" is an episode of Pickle and Peanut


Mobile Aquarium - Pickle has been training lobsters in the Mjärt Mart, Peanut finds this to be very cool and suggests Pickle he should just purchase the lobsters so they don't get eaten, Pickle says they're too expensive to buy so the boys borrow the lobsters and turn the van into a mobile aquarium. Pickle starts to perform shows with the lobsters in hopes to raise enough money until rapper D-Stixx offers the boys $15,000 for them to perform at Shellapalooza, Pickle and Peanut then realize that D-Stixx just wants to eat the lobsters and they proceed to rescue the lobsters and set them free before they're eaten.

Shaving Primate Ryan - After Pickle makes a complaint to the health department about hair being on the Slop Shop's pizza, the health department takes the owner Ryan away. With people entering the restaurant and no one to make the Pizza, the boys decide to give people the premade pizzas. A group of kids then burst into the restaurant and there is no pizza left, Pickle then tries to make pizzas but doesn't know how and this enrages the kids and they hold the customers captive while Pickle and Peanut go to free Ryan from the health department where it's revealed that the health department has been looking for him for years because he's half orangutan.


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  • Shaving Private Ryan is a play on words of Saving Private Ryan